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Van Elder

Tutorial: making fire rain

This is beyond nuts. We don’t think we’ll be trying this one and recommend you don’t either. For the full details of how this is done, please check out Van Elder’s blog.

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Derek Grunewald

Burning at the night garden

Our friends at the Star Circle Academy were kind enough to let us play with fire again. The trip to the beach was a hoot, as 15 or so new friends learned how to burn and spin steel wool & magnesium, how to use light painting to plant a night […]

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Is that Sagittarius over CARMA?

One Night Of Good Carma

CARMA is the Combined Array for Research in Millimeter-wave Astronomy. Bet you’re pleased you now know that! We were under the impression that you could see it from the side of highway 395, south of Bishop CA, and north of Big Pine. Our plan was that we’d jump a fence […]

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The next generation of light painting

We’ve never done this before, but here goes. All the pictures and links you’re about to see belong to someone else. That someone is Darren Pearson, known on Flickr as DariusTwin. Now where we build tools that make light patterns, and our  new friend Stuart makes pictures appear from nowhere […]

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Naked Grinding (NSFW)

Naked Grinding (NSFW)

As you know, we love burning stuff here at Photoshop Scares Me. But even by our standards this one was quite extreme. Ask yourself what you’d do if you were locked in a room with a naked lady and a grinder? For those that don’t know, this is a grinder… […]

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Mesquite Dunes

4 Days In Death Valley

We were delighted to be invited on a sleep depriving, dust breathing, 4 day shooting marathon in California’s Death Valley. This post documents the ordeal and showcases, what we’re sad to admit, are less than stellar photographs. Day 1. We arrive in Las Vegas as the light is fading. Not […]

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Milky Water 01

Tutorial: Milky water and Misty Forests

We spent the weekend in Paso Robles,  deep in the heart of the ‘other’ grape growing place in California. In addition to all the fine wines, there’s art everywhere, some of it even quite nice. The pictures that captured our attention was a series of paintings that depicted landscapes as […]

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Leg Warmers

3 Essential Tripod Modifications

In our opinion, this is the world’s greatest tripod. It’s made by Really Right Stuff, weighs less than nothing, is phenomenally configurable, nearly indestructible and costs more than my first car. We love it. Love it. Love it. That said, it suffers from the same three missing parts that every […]

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Burning Jeep

Tutorial: Burning the Jeep

With a friend heading in to town for the weekend, we started planning our most elaborate burn shot yet, we wanted to surround our Jeep with fire and smoke. The fire was the easy part, we’re getting quite good at that. We simply took the fire whip idea (tutorial here) […]

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Hot Stuff

Tutorial: Making a Fire Whip

We do a lot of dangerous things here but this one is off the charts. So hurt yourself, and you can’t come running to us. This is all about you and your boundaries. Let us show you how we made a Fire Wand / Fire Whip. Strictly speaking it’s not […]

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Curry Village Bridge

One Nite In Yose-Mite

I was lucky enough this week to have a spare few hours, so I ran away to Yosemite national park to play in the snow. Prep-work Check the weather forecast. Perfect. Big blue sky, little cloud, and shockingly low temperatures. Check the moon phase. Perfect. 20% waning crescent from 2pm […]

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Male Caricature

Tutorial: Caricature Big Head

Adobe are running a competition (rather poorly in my opinion), where every week you get to enter a picture along a theme they’ve selected. This week is caricature week, so we decided to show you how to take a picture of an ugly man, and make him beautiful. Along the […]

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