‘I’m not a good photographer’

Hello World
Hello World

Really? You want to know something about me? Okay – I’m young, handsome, athletic, charismatic, married to an angel, excel at everything I do, and I once rescued an entire orphanage from an impending flood in Belize.

Actually, not all of that is true.

In fact, now I think of it, only the angel part is true – though how she puts up with me is a huge mystery.
I’ve never even been to Belize.

I purchased my first ‘proper’ camera in 2007, a Nikon D50. I don’t know why. I’ve disliked photography all my life. As far as anyone could tell, there wasn’t a creative bone in my body. And then something clicked. I’m not sure what, but I got hooked. I’ve spent more money on “self-help” photo books, magazines, video courses, seminars and weekend “camps” than anyone should.

I remember talking to a friend about all the learning I was doing and he just muttered something along the lines that it was probably about time I actually took a photo rather than just reading about how to take one. That was my first real lesson, thanks to the digital age, there’s no cost to screwing up, you’ve just got to get out there and shoot something.

And so that’s what I now do. I take my camera everywhere. When we go camping I pack more photo gear than I do camping gear. If you don’t believe me, click here to read about how I took a single star photo after driving 780 miles.

I’m not a good photographer. I like to think I’m getting better. What you see here is passion not talent. Well, passion, and the patience to spend hours in Photoshop ‘tweaking’ my vision.

And that brings me to Photoshop. Three years ago I started writing a book on how to tame the beast (hence the name of this website), but I got distracted by work, life and the pursuit of happiness. The book will never sell. That was not the intention. I was really writing it as a way of ordering my thoughts as I learned the tool. As a secondary goal, I wanted my wife to learn. She’s a much better photographer than me: she has an eye for composition that I simply lack. However, her photos never make it to the public eye because she’s scared of all the buttons in Photoshop.

One day I’ll cure my wife of her Photoshop phobia. When I do, you’ll get a free copy here; should you need it.

Until then, I’ll try and post stuff that is mildly not totally dull.



Do you know the fundamental difference between a professional photographer and an amateur?
That’s it. Nothing else. Not talent. Not expensive gear. Not years in school.
Think about it. That photo of the model falling off the runway, of the car blowing up, of the refugee struggling.
Get yourself out of bed 2 hours early and put yourself somewhere interesting. Magic might not happen, but I guarantee it won’t if you don’t leave the house.