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Today’s lesson is in adding dark storm clouds to a beautiful clear sky, without doing all that complicated selection nonsense.

There’s always a debate raging amongst photographers about how much you’re “allowed” to change an image and still call it a photograph. Clearly studio model shots that are then composited on to images of urban interest are not photographs. But what if you just tidy up litter on a street? Move a coke bottle out of frame? Adjust a stray strand of hair? I’m a fan of using the tools to make the best image possible, and to that end, I’m sure I make more changes than most.

Watch the video, it’s only 7 minutes long, includes a wholly unnecessary crotch shot and has me saying “phlubberblubberwoubblewoubble” at least twice.

The below image is not quite the one I made in the video. It’s actually a tad more complicated than that. It is an 11 shot pano but each shot is a 3 frame HDR image.

Bringing The Storm
Bringing The Storm


  1. My big head? Have you seen yours? 😉

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