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Russell Brown's Image Processor Pro
Russell Brown’s Image Processor Pro being launched

We love Russell Brown‘s Image Processor Pro.

(But our version is better)

Russell works for Adobe and has delivered some amazing scripts that make the sort of thing we do here a lot easier. We rely heavily on his Stack-O-Matic and equally so on his Image Processor Pro. You can find all his scripts here

The Image Processor Pro script is used for post processing. It allows us to make varying copies of a completed image with a single click. We have ours set so that it takes a collection of images and shrinks them to 1080 wide, adds a border and a water mark and saves them as JPEG for our Flickr account. At the same time, it saves a version without the border as a TIFF at 2160 wide for this website, and yet a third version for 500px that is in original format. It really is a time saver.

Pity, it doesn’t quite work the way we think it should.

If you tell it to save an image that is 1080 wide by 640 high it will do just that. Regardless of whether the image was portrait or landscape. That’s just dumb. So, we fixed it.

Russell has kindly open sourced the code, so we changed it to work the way we want. If you agree you can grab a copy of our version here.

Here’s the changes in action. Select your images from Bridge, regardless of their orientation and launch the script. Up pops the dialog asking you what you want to do. The circle in red shows the changes we made.

Russell Brown's Image Processor Pro
Russell Brown’s Image Processor Pro

These used to say ‘width’ and ‘height’. Now they say ‘longest’ and ‘shortest’. To activate our changes ignore the ‘shortest’ field and just use the ‘longest’. If you use both fields all sorts of fun stuff happens that’s not 100% what you’ll predict.

Now run the processor.

Russell Brown's Image Processor Pro
Russell Brown’s Image Processor Pro Our Version

And there you have it. Our new version of the Processor took the landscape image and made its width (the longest side) 1080 pixels as we asked, and it preserved the aspect ration and made the shortest side (the height) 771 pixels. For the portrait photo it did exactly the opposite.

Russel Brown’s Image Processor Pro fixed!

We’re hoping that Russell accepts these changes and updates his site. But between then and now, if you want to use our version, go here and download and install the original. Then in your Photoshop/presets/scripts directory replace the file ‘Image Processor Pro.jsx’ with this version here.

You’ve welcome.

NEW VERSION: Image Processor Pro.jsx


Now with CC2015 compatibility!

The good folks on the planet earth have finally updated the script to work with CC15. Praise be. The new version is 3.2.2 and it’s still in beta. You can find it here However, it still has the old (odd) resizing issue that we tried to fix. So we took the code and hacked it again. And again, we repeat, we’re not coders here so maybe we screwed up but it seems to work for us. You can get our version of the code here. We labeled it version 3.2.b4.

See our newest post on this for more info.


We’ve been chatting with the incredibly talented X that now seems to own Image Processor Pro and we’ve had a break through. You no longer need our code. The latest version of the code works perfectly. All you need to do is specify the maximum pixel size of your desired image for both the width AND the high and the Processor works it all out. Superb news.

Click here for instructions


  1. Michael Archer

    Great modification, if only now it would work in CC 2014 which seems to of broken this script!

  2. Great! Fixed it for CC 2015

  3. Gerlo, Nice work on your site.

    How did you fix the script? Where can we get a copy?

    (You just got real popular!)

  4. Karl Petersson

    Hi is the link above for the latest (CC2015) fixed script.
    I have been having issues since 2015 for this tool that I love

  5. waiting for the link for CC2015 also!!! This is awesome!

  6. It works if I just double click the script and open it with Photoshop.

  7. I just found this

    I’ll let you know later if it works the way we want.

    • Seems to work just fine but doesn’t have the changes I made. I’ve contacted the author. I’ll let you know what she says. In the meantime, has anyone got Stack-O-Matic to work?

  8. Thanks Gerlo.. Works Like a Charm !

  9. I have PSCC 2015.5 will there be one available for this soon

  10. Hi,
    I just discovered Image Processor Pro. What a great script! What a time saver.
    I have an issue & question when working with image Processor Pro.

    When I try to save a layered image as a TIFF with «flatten image» checked. The image is being reduced to one layer but is not actually flattened. As a result the imsge size is about twice as big as it could be. Te only solution is to run a flatten image action. in image processor pro.

    Also, it would be great to have the option to select the compressing options (layer & image compression) when saving as TIFF.

    When I «save for web» the iimages are not automatically converted to 72dpi. Is that on purpose?


  11. mattmckeephoto

    Just did the update to Photoshop 2017. Of course, it cleared out the old scripts when it did it. However, I was able to grab a new copy of Image Processor Pro and drop it in the Presets>Scripts folder. Looks like it works fine!

  12. The original Dr Brown version does what you want (without any ‘fix’) if you enter ‘1080px’ in both width & height fields. That because it’s ‘fit image’, not ‘resize’.

  13. David Maryles

    Will Image Processor Pro work on OS 10.13 High Sierra. Ive had compatibility issues in the past, just wanted to know if it was safe

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