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Fast Deanna
Fast Deanna

You’ll recall that back in the day we modified Russell Brown’s Image Processor Pro plugin to be more inline with what we wanted.

Now we’re not coders here. Sure we used to be. But back then COBOL was cool (COBOL was never cool). Anyway, with the update to CC2015 Adobe once again decided to make all plugins, scripts and addons a pain in the arse. We really do believe they hate us.

Anyway, the great people that go by the name of X and Julieanne Kost updated the script to work. Finally! It’s still in beta but we couldn’t wait any longer. Here’s our hacked version of their beta. It seems to work.

These two totally unrelated images of a stunning marathon runner were created using our version of their beta script.

Come get it..

You need to install X’s version from here.

Then install our version over the top as documented in the original post.

Thanks and good luck

Bendy Deanna
Bendy Deanna


So it turns out that X’s version 3 of Image Processor Pro is pretty damn smart and does everything we need. So please ignore all our moaning, and certainly ignore our code.

Get theirs here.

Here’s how you use the new Image Processor Pro 3 to get our desired results.

Here’s our starting images as displayed by Bridge.

Before Image Processor Pro
Before Image Processor Pro

We want the landscape one to be 2048 wide by something less high, and the portrait one to be something unknown wide by 2048 high. We can achieve that simply by specifying 2048 for both dimensions.


And here’s the perfect results.

After Image Processor Pro
After Image Processor Pro


Thanks X. You rock.

Get Image Processor Pro 3 here.


  1. Excellent finish Mrs Andy Morris, and great post as always Andy! I haven’t subscribed to the CC version of anything so this “hack” isn’t something I need today, but I’ve learned never to say, “never”. 🙂 I’m bookmarking this post just in case.

  2. joergschober

    I’m happy that Image Processor Pro (3.2b3) runs now with Photoshop CC 2015. But it still exists a bug regarding the resolution. The setting is ignored – the images created are always 72 dpi, regardless which value i choose. It does’t matter when you publish it online, but if you want to print the images you have to fix it manually.

    • I just fed it an image of 5933×4238 @ 300 ppi with the instructions to make it 2048×2048 @ 150 ppi with auto resample and it worked perfectly. The resulting image is 2048×1463 @ 150 ppi

  3. Richard Kalvar

    Hi, I just bought CC to replace my Photoshop CS6. I was pleased to see on your Website, which I’ve just discovered, that there’s a hack for CC for the extremely useful Image Processor Pro plug-in. I downloaded Julieanne Kost’s zxp file, but when I try to open it I get an error message from Adobe Extension Manager CC saying “this extension can not be installed, it requires Photoshop version 12 or greater”. What could that mean???? I have the latest version of CC (2015.1.2 Release, 20160113.r.355 x64, on a Mac). I’d really appreciate your advice. Many thanks,


  4. Dani Knight

    Great stuff! Thank you! Now how ’bout hacking the other scripts in Russell Brown’s Services… the trio of Stack-A-Matic tools. They don’t work in CC.

  5. Elisha Call

    Do you have a version that is compatible with CC 2017

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