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Davenport Alone

Register Not

I’ve updated the download page for my book so you no longer have to register. The book itself remains unchanged, out of date, and just probably the beginnings of the best book on Photoshop I’ve ever written. Anyway, pop over to the download page and get it for free. Free […]

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Fiji Sunset

More naming options

And now I also own Light Painting 101, Learn Light Painting, Beating Photoshop and Photoshop Licked. I should probably quit procrastinating and get on with the writing. Bugger. You can now get to this site from any of these URLs Light Painting 101 Learn […]

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Honeymoon Me

We begin afresh

Hello. My name is Andy Morris. Some people on Flickr know me as mozzer502. My mom, and only my mom, calls me Andrew. My UK friends call me simply Mozzer. My American friends, Andy. Two years ago I started really trying to focus on my Photoshop skills. To document the […]

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