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Join us as we try and make sense of the 6,000 buttons in Photoshop that all seem to do the same thing - the wrong thing. We're in this together. As we learn something, you learn something. There'll be no holding hands but it will be fun. Oh, and sorry about the horse head but one of us is having a bad hair day.

Recent Posts

Photoshop Mystery

To the library, and bring the candlestick!

‘Twas a dark and stormy night. Or something like that. Certainly there was a bump, something in the force that only Obi could feel, and crawling on the planet’s face, some insects called the human race. Lost in time, and lost in space. Well maybe. In what just might be […]

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Lunar Eclipse Over Temple

Tutorial: Capturing The Lunar Eclipse

Buy this print here. We’re honored, thank you. The above image, while not exactly viral, has netted 5000 views in 2 days. That’s a record for us here at ScaresMe. So, to repay your kindness, we thought we’d document how we processed the image. That way, when the next one […]

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Review: Nikon D750 can see in the dark

Review: Nikon D750 can see in the dark

Firstly, yes we know this is a terrible photo. It’s not supposed to be the best Milkyway you’ve ever seen. It was taken as a test shot for the new Nikon D750. Let’s start by talking about what you know about the Milkway. We’re guessing there’s 3 basic things. Firstly, its […]

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Summit in the background

Summiting Shasta.

Mount Shasta, an active volcano in the northern part of California. One of 22 peaks in the contiguous United States (a.k.a the Lower 48) to stand over 14,000 feet tall  (or 2.6 miles or 4267 metres if you prefer). At 14,179ft it’s just a tad shy of the California giant […]

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Can anyone spot the focus point?

Review (Sony NEX 6): Our Sony NEX 6 weekend at a Kentucky Derby party

We’re still hunting for the perfect big sensor point and shoot for the long hikes we take. You can see how we summed up our interactions with the Fuji X-Pro1 (ambivalent), Nikon V1 (liked), and the Olympus EP-2 (hated) at the various links. Last weekend was the chance for Sony’s […]

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Final Power Setup

Tutorial: Powering a GoPro for days with external power and an intervalometer

Adding additional power to a GoPro is easy – you simply buy the GoPro Extended Battery or you plug an external source into the mini USB hub. Unless that is, you want to do something extreme, then you need to give it a bit more thought. The Problem We’re carrying […]

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See our RAW San Jose interview

See our RAW San Jose interview

Wow, I had no idea my eyes were so buggy, my nose so big. And where did that scar come from? Still, I like this. Thanks Like this:Like Loading…

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Backpack Arms

Tutorial: Building a Smaller 1st Person GoPro Hiking Rig

This is a follow-0n post to our previous tutorial. The rig works well on wide open trails but is a little awkward getting in and out of the car, and is a total nightmare when trying to use it in overgrown forests and other ‘tight’ spaces. So, we redesigned it! […]

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RAW Artists: San Jose – a night in 2 mins

RAW Artists: San Jose – a night in 2 mins

As you know RAW were kind enough to invite us to exhibit some of our more unusual images at their latest show in downtown San Jose. The evening was a blast. To celebrate the event we decided to make a video of the entire evening from set-up to take-down. Unfortunately […]

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Ready to Hike

Tutorial: Building a 1st person backpacking GoPro rig

We’re off up a big mountain soon and figured it would be cool to film the whole process. The hike should take 3 days so there’s no point making a movie, instead stop motion is required. We’re going to carry two cameras for this, one pointing where we’re going, the […]

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Horse Tail Falls under the stars

Tutorial: Turning Star Trails into Comets (with Twinkles!)

Star trails can get boring. Let’s make twinkling comets! But first here’s a story for you. Back in the day, in darkest Winter, the Rangers at Yosemite National Park used to build a big fire on top of Glacier Point and when it was good & hot, they’d push it […]

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PhotoshopScaresMe Live!

Experience PhotoshopScaresMe Live!

Well this is new, PhotoshopScaresMe is getting its first live show. We don’t know the details yet but we’re guessing they don’t want to see our boring travel / nature / people photos, they want our burning stuff. The presses are currently running hot as we print out on large […]

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